Krystal Resort Offers Tips to Help Travelers Counter Scam Attempts this Spring

Krystal Resort Offers Tips to Help Travelers Counter Scam Attempts this Spring

Feb 22
Scam Alert & Awareness Tips by Krystal Resorts

The Krystal Resort scam prevention team is offering tips to help travelers avoid scam attempts while vacationing.

Krystal Resort knows that falling victim to a scam while on vacation is no fun. It can be costly and time consuming. Unfortunately, most scammers are successful because the victims don’t realize they’re being ripped-off until much later.

The Krystal Resort scam prevention team knows how frustrating it is when someone falls victim to hurtful schemes. Krystal wants its guests to know what to look for so they can avoid falling prey to these attacks.

Identity theft

Most places offer wireless Internet either for free or a cost. Often times, this scam happens by hackers that access information through insecure networks. The Krystal Resort scam prevention team encourages everyone to only use secure, password protected Wi-Fi and never access financial accounts in public places.

Protect personal information such as passwords and PINs by changing them often, and always look around before entering them to ensure no one is watching. Do not carry personal documents unless necessary, and ensure they are locked safely when not needed.

Helpless victim

This scam is incredibly popular on roads. A car appears to be disabled on the side of the road, or someone says they don’t have gas money at a gas station or that they just got mugged and need money to get home.The Krystal Resortscam prevention team suggests never giving someone money outright. Instead, offer to call for help, give money to the gas attendant for their gas or another helpful


In coordination with this scam, the “helpless victim” may offer an item in exchange for cash. This is typically something that may appear to be of value. In the end it turns out to be broken, a knock-off or stolen.

Here, let me get that

Another popular team scam is the bait and switch routine. The Krystal Resort scam prevention team warns vacationers to be aware if someone accidentally spills something on them, bumps into them or even knocks them down. This is usually a diversion for pick pockets – the scammer may offer to clean up the spill, help the victim up or even lend a hand to steady them, all the while nabbing wallets and other personal items.

Krystal Resort encourages travelers to take measures to prevent becoming a scam victim while on vacation. For details on booking a world-class vacation with Krystal Resort, visit

Krystal Resort Scams Avoidance Tips in 2015 Outlined By Customer Awareness Initiative

Krystal Resort Scams Avoidance Tips in 2015 Outlined By Customer Awareness Initiative

Feb 19
Banners for Travel Tips to warn against common scams

Krystal Resort Cancun’s Customer Awareness Initiative Outlines Scam Avoidance Tips for 2015

Krystal Resort Cancun is offering ways to avoid scams in 2015 through a series of customer service initiatives designed to perfect the vacation experience for each and every guest.

In the latest customer service initiative, Krystal Resort Cancun details a number of scams that modern criminals are using to attempt to take advantage of vacation planners and travelers. By reading through and familiarizing themselves with these tips, travelers are doing a great deal towards safeguarding their financial security when it comes time for them to take their next vacation.

Thanks to previous Krystal Resort Cancun scam prevention initiatives, many travelers are already well aware of one of the most common travel scams: the prying phone calls. A popular method that scam artists employ is one which involves calling individuals under the guise of a travel brand representative. Of course, they are not truly representatives for the company and so are not worried about being rude when it comes to getting the information they need. In the past, some travelers have reported receiving harassing calls from travel brands constantly asking for personal information. It turns out that these were bogus phone calls that the brands never placed and were instead criminals attempting to extract delicate financial information from the victim.

With that said, Krystal Resort Cancun is also taking this time to promote wireless security. Whether on the phone or browsing the internet, many travelers use local wireless networks to connect with their loved ones back home. Unfortunately cyber-criminals can gain access to unprotected networks and place malware on a traveler’s phone when it connects to the exposed wireless routers. The malware can track keystrokes, so it can literally see what is being typed into a password-protected login screen. Now the criminal can gain access to those accounts at their leisure.

Thanks to the determination of Krystal Resort Cancun, scams are not as widespread as they once were within the travel industry. By continually alerting their customers to the latest travel scams, and keeping them frequently informed, Krystal Resorts is doing their part to ensure that every traveler receives the relaxing vacation they have worked so hard to earn. At Krystal Resorts it is important that each and every customer feels safe and secure, and can completely relax, while enjoying their stay at the luxury resort.

Krystal Resorts Scams Decrease Dramatically Due To Traveler Awareness Alerts

Krystal Resorts Scams Decrease Dramatically Due To Traveler Awareness Alerts

Feb 15
Alerts on a smartphone for creating traveler awareness

Krystal Resorts scams are at an all time low, thanks largely to traveler awareness alerts that inform vacationers about how to keep safe when planning and enjoying a vacation.

Due to Krystal Resorts, scams are now greatly diminished and it is because travelers are more aware of criminal activity and are better informed of what to look out for when on vacation. It is no mystery that tourists are often targeted by scam artists looking to make a quick buck. These criminals know that travelers are going to be care-free while enjoying their vacation and will possibly let their guard down, making them easier to trick. Krystal Resorts wants all travelers to have a safe and enjoyable vacation experience, so are issuing these traveler awareness alerts to better equip travelers against scam artists.

One of the most common tactics that criminals utilize is deception. Thanks to Krystal Resorts, scams are less of a threat than they used to be, but people are still deceived everyday. Scam artists can even target travelers and deceive them in their own homes. In the past, some travelers reported problems from resorts and vacation clubs seemingly harassing them for personal information. What was actually happening was that a scam artist was impersonating a service representative from a trusted brand, and attempting to extract personal information from the victim. Because the criminal was not affiliated with the brand, they did not care if they were being rude or not, they were just trying to obtain financial information in any way they could.

Because of Krystal Resorts, scams are much less of an issue than they used to be. Another traveler awareness tip from Krystal is in regards to activities planning. Before booking a tour or sightseeing excursion, it is imperative for travelers to verify the validity of the service which they are paying for. Many travelers enjoy planning out their itinerary by the hour and, while that is perfectly fine, it often involves paying in advance for services in order to cut back on time waiting around for tickets and signing papers. Some criminals have constructed websites which emulate actual tourist-friendly activity sites. So Krystal Resorts advises that travelers be wary and double check with a trusted source before paying for any services over the internet.

Largely in part to Krystal Resorts, scams like these are becoming less and less of a problem because of traveler awareness alerts like the ones presented here. As always, Krystal Resorts wants travelers to have a fun and, most importantly, safe vacation experience in theNew Year.

Krystal Resort Visits Cancun and Explores Chichen Itza

Krystal Resort Visits Cancun and Explores Chichen Itza

Feb 12

Enjoy Chichen Itza with Krystal Resort

Krystal Resort Cancun provides travelers the experience that they have been dreaming about, especially when it comes to living out all their wishes on a luxury vacation. All those who get the chance to enjoy the high-class accommodations, the many on-site amenities to select spending time using, and of course, being treated with the best customer service around. These are many of the things travelers deserve to experience when it comes to their dream vacations, but one of the other hopes they may have is to visit a destination that offers a lot of unique and interesting things to do.

Krystal Resort Cancun provides insight on one spot that is enlightening about the former residents of the area, the famous Mayan civilization. A lot of people who are planning a trip to Mexico might overlook that the city of Cancun especially offers close access to many of these sites. Travelers of all ages will enjoy exploring while expanding their knowledge of the different structures and their meanings to the culture, including things like significant temples and pyramids.

Those who want to visit one of the largest and most popular should look no further than nearby Chichen Itza, which was once the capital of the former empire of the Mayan civilization. This area World Wonder Tour is popular, where an expert guide (in either English or Spanish) will share all the interesting things about the grounds.

Krystal Resort knows Cancun and the surrounding area is a top choice for entertaining attractions. All those who enjoy exploring the history and past behind the place they visit will love spending time exploring Mexico’s unique culture at the various Mayan civilization sites around the country. Nearby there is also a couple other prominent ones, named Tulum and Coba that all those in the area who want to continue their exploration will be itching to visit.