Krystal Resort Offer Tips When Hotel Wi-Fi Is A Scam

Krystal Resort scam  prevention team members say that hotels work very hard to attract travelers. They want people who are on vacation or people who are traveling on business to take advantage of the services they offer. To entice more people to visit them, hotels will offer a variety of perks. One of these perks is free Wi-Fi. This perk is great for any type of traveler, but it is also an opportunity for a scam artist to enter the picture.

Scam artists can set up their own public networks at a hotel remind the members of the Krystal Resort scam prevention team. All it requires is for them to have their own hot spot. The scam artist will give their Wi-Fi network a name that resembles something the hotel would use. If the guests at hotels log into this network, they could open up their computers for the scam artist to access. If that happens, all of the information on a computer device could fall into the wrong hands. There are some basic steps that can be done to prevent this from happening to you when you are in a hotel with free Wi-Fi.

  • Log in to the right network. Check with the front desk to find out what the name of the free network is and only use that network when at the hotel.
  • Keep your security up to date – Before you use a public Wi-Fi, make sure you have your security software installed, updated and most importantly, turned on.
  • Avoid sites – If you are on a public network, avoid the sites that contain your private information. Banks, credit cards and other similar sites are best done on a private network advice the members of Krystal Resort.