Krystal Resort Scam Prevention Department Scam– Awareness of Hotspots

When it comes to the Krystal Resort Scam Prevention Department, the number one tool that they can provide for travelers is information. The more that a traveler knows about the risks they face, the less likely they are to become a victim of a dishonest person. The best place to provide that information for travelers is the internet. It makes sense that the Krystal Resort Scam Prevention Department focuses first on the need to keep your computer safe at Wi-Fi hotspots.

What is a Hotspot

A hot spot is a public network that is provided by a business for its patrons to be used. They are very popular in restaurants, coffee houses, and hotels. The hotspot can be great for some people. It may be the only way that they can get access to the internet. This is especially true when you are traveling and do not have the internet connection that you are used to at home.

Why Worry about Hotspots

The hotspots that businesses are offering for their patrons is a legitimate thing. It is something that could make their business more attractive to customers. Krystal Resort Scam Prevention Department wants you to know when you use one of these networks that it is a public network that is not secure. The Wi-Fi network in your home is encrypted and requires a password to get into. These public hotspots are not encrypted and anyone can use it.

You can protect yourself from any problems by raising your scam awareness about public hotspots. Learn how to turn on the firewall on your computer and make sure you have a security program to keep everything safe.