Krystal Resort Scam Prevention Squad Cautions about Overpriced Goods

Krystal Resort scam prevention squad understands that cultural heritage is something extremely important for all countries around the world. When you go to a place with distinctive cultural quirks, you will no doubt want to try at least some of them. The Krystal Resort scam prevention squad warns you that this might be a bit tricky though.

As you walk down the streets of the town you are visiting, you might see some merchants who are selling their goods. This might come in the form of honey for instance. You will see jars filled with the sweet substance and the seller will tell you that everything is homemade and you can’t leave without trying the traditional honey. The only catch is that it is considerably higher priced than that found in the store – after all it is homemade and depicts the culture of the place. This is an ideal way for the scam artist to trick you into paying more than you should. This might actually turn out to be honey bought from the store, only placed in a new jar so that it appears homemade.

The Krystal Resort scam prevention squad explicitly warns that you need to be careful with street merchants of all types. There are usually laws governing the authenticity of goods and if someone is selling something homemade, they will probably have a license for that as well. If you don’t see such a thing then perhaps you should just proceed to find a real store where you know you will get the goods you came for.